A Few Words From Our Clients


We have provided insurance and risk management advice for over 100 combined years. We help our clients design, implement, & monitor cost effective property and casualty insurance programs which suit their needs.


It is always a pleasure working with the PozmantierWilliams team. They are truly experts in insurance & risk management, and we appreciate the guidance and assistance they provide our company. With them as our partner, we are confident that we have the right coverage in place, and we value the recommendations and service they provide.

Vanessa Cox, Corrosion Resistant Alloys

Pozmantier Williams has been a trusted insurance consultant of Levcor, Inc., for many years. Whether directing the renewal process, helping with complex claims, or advising on lease and lender requirements; Donna, Irving, and their team are second to none. They have brought to our organization the experience, knowledge and understanding of the insurance sector that is typically available to only large organizations with a risk management department.

R. John Hoag, Levcor, Inc

Donna Stone and the Pozmantier team are truly customer focused and their commitment is 100% dedicated to their Client. Donna’s knowledge in complex Risk Management transactions has given us the ability to dig into complicated matters and search for the most effective solution to our challenges. Her risk management acumen and the principles which guide her are exemplary as she is dedicated, yet will push back to ensure the proper solution to our problem has been discussed. Thorough, smart, and insightful are the traits which we look for in working with an outsourced Risk Manager, and Donna and the Pozmantier team are second to none. When I have a client looking for outside Risk Management expertise, I always recommend Donna Stone and Pozmantier as my reputation is on the line as well, and I am confident that she will deliver what’s best for our Client, and will do so with the highest professionalism.

David Martin, Marsh/Wortham

We highly recommend Pozmantier, Williams & Stone for their expertise in the Insurance field. ISI has built a tremendous partnership with Irving and Donna as they have helped guide us through the interminable maze of Insurance Policies and Exclusions, Certificate of Insurance, Insurance Policies, Insurance renewals, Insurance Coverages, legal questions, etc… that we face on a daily basis. They are efficient, professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. They go the extra mile to provide you with the kind of service you expect from a leader in the Insurance Industry.

Kelly Parker, Infrastructure Services Inc. (ISI)

Andrew was very complimentary of you. He said your work has been very additive and productive. He was quick to mention that they do not always have that experience with people in your role. He said often the consultants are just trying to justify their presence and almost trying to play gotcha with the broker, often trying to embarrass the broker on minutia that the client doesn’t understand.

From a real estate owner to Joe Williams, September 2018

We owe a big thanks to Donna for all of her help with our recent complex claim. Had she not personally taken it on and really dug in, we would never have been able to pull together all of the documentation needed and would have lost the opportunity to recover claim funds we were truly owed!

Lee Zieben, Zieben Group

We have created a great partnership with the PozmantierWilliams team over the past few years. Their industry experience and attention to detail help us to go the extra mile for our clients. I have and will continue to recommend their services to new and existing clients.

Randy Loving, USI

I have had the pleasure to work with Donna on an account in the past. She is a true professional and I have witnessed first hand her efforts to provide your clients with Top Quality Service and Expertise.

Carl Maxell, Lockton

I give Irving, Joe and Donna an A+ in professionalism, ethics and friendship-counsel. They have navigated us through the morass of complexities as we grew a small, local real estate company to one listed on the New York Stock Exchange. They are the best of the best!

Kerr Taylor, Rowland Taylor

We have had the privilege of working with Donna and her team on several large Risk Management accounts. Donna’s attention to detail, professionalism and energetic style creates a positive working relationship between the client and broker. Her ability to effectively communicate the objectives clearly and concisely, provide a smooth transition for her clients. It’s always a pleasure working with Donna and her team.

Stuart Wallace, Stephens

Leedo Cabinetry has been using Pozmantier and Williams for years. All of the TEAM Members have done a wonderful job for Leedo over the years. We are currently in our insurance renewal process and wouldn’t want to go through it without Donna, Kellie and Irving. I would recommend Pozmantier and Williams to anyone!

Barney Knight, Leedo

We at KM Realty have worked with Pozmantier-Williams for several years now. Insurance is not my best subject, so Irving, Joe, Donna and their team have been invaluable consultants guiding us through our insurance needs.
Their knowledge and professionalism are exemplary. I know this is one area of our business that we do not have to worry about as they are on top of our needs.
I would highly recommend Pozmantier-Williams.

Randy Keith, KM Realty

Pozmantier-Williams has been an outstanding partner for Kagan Realty Investor for many years. Irving, Kellie and Donna do a remarkable job of assisting us in procuring and managing all of our coverages. Their efforts have led to substantial savings on our premiums, but even more valuable has been their work to ensure we have the proper coverage. Given all the carve-outs, exclusions and other unique items appearing in policies today, it gives us tremendous comfort knowing that the Pozmantier-Williams team has us covered. In addition, their incredible support and advocacy through our claims with Hurricane Harvey were instrumental in making sure we were paid all that we were due. As Donna said on a call with our adjuster, “Show me the money.” You can count Pozmantier-Williams to deliver!.

Troy Bayham, Kagan Realty

Irving and Joe have been extremely helpful in guiding my associates and me through several risk management situations from Katrina in New Orleans to a slip and fall on a sidewalk in Houston.  If you want to know if you can count on them, just look at the integrity of the Principals.  I highly recommend Pozmantier Williams Insurance Consultants.

Barry Lewis, Goldeneye Inc.

We have had the good fortune to work with Irving Pozmantier and Joe Williams as our insurance consultants for several years.  In our opinion, their level of expertise in the commercial insurance business is unparalleled.  Our insurance agent knows that Irving and Joe will be looking over their shoulder.  On too many occasions to count, Irving and Joe have saved us money on premiums and improved our insurance coverages.  In addition to being savvy insurance consultants, Irving and Joe are two of the finest men we have ever had the pleasure of working with.

Brad Kagan, Kagan Realty Investors, Inc.

For almost 20 years, Irving has provided us with expert advice and invaluable experience in all aspects of our insurance risk management.  With his partnership with Joe beginning a few years ago, we now have two of the best people in the insurance industry helping to guide us in the constantly changing insurance marketplace.  PozmantierWilliams Insurance Consultants is an essential part of our team.

Bruce M. Levy, Rice Epicurean Markets

Pozmantier-Williams has provided a broad scope of industry knowledge and experience in making informed decisions with regard to insurance coverage, risk analysis and litigation reviews.  Professionalism and knowledge of the industry are second to none.

David Roberts, CPA Controller, Excel Polymers LLC

Two great guys who always drink upstream from the herd.

Don Grogg, President & Pump Peddler, Texas Process Equipment

An excerpt taken from an email sent to Irving Pozmantier dated 7-22-2013:

A qwik note and a BIG THK U to acknowledge your efforts to bring the claim to a successful conclusion. Your experience and even keeled demeanor were very important in getting the most that we could from JB. You are a true professional which is a rarity in this day and age. I have learned a lot in our short time working together and I really appreciate your time and patience w me. Sincere THKS again…ED

Ed Rammrath, President, Rammrath Realty

I have enjoyed my association with Irving and Joe and consider them to be an extension of our Star family. They have been trusted advisors to me for over 15 years and I value their wise counsel and advice on methods to minimize our risks in the most cost-efficient manner.

Gary F. Gibson, Executive V.P. & CFO, Star Furniture

graduated from college (SDSU) with a business major and a minor degree in insurance, and then worked for about 7 years as an insurance agent until I started St. Ives Laboratories in 1973. In my 30 plus years in business I have never ever once worked with an insurance agent/ advisor that has the knowledge and common sense approach that Joe Williams does. He is a pro in every sense of the word and such a kind gentlemen. As far as I am concerned I will always use Pozmantier-Williams for all of my insurance advice (then I can sleep well at night knowing my insurance policies are correct and I’m properly covered). It’s nice to know that “Joe has my back”.

Gary Worth

I would rather have the combined wisdom and experience of professionals with many successful years in the insurance industry working on my behalf on a fee-for-service basis, than someone who bills their time on a commission basis where the advisor knows that if he does not make a sale, he or she will not get paid.

George Stark, Stark Capital Management

An excerpt taken from an email sent to Joe Williams dated 3-4-2013:

Joe,  The argument on the issuance of the wrong policy had them worried.  It was a great find and complicated their case. It was a key factor in settlement.   Thanks,

Glenn Janik, Senior Counsel, Munck Wilson Mandala

For almost twenty years I was privileged to head three major insurance brokerage operations (Sanders & Sullivan, Corroon & Black and Aon); during that time I was fortunate to meet and become friends with some of the very best people in the insurance industry, and to have the opportunity to serve on many insurance companies’ national advisory boards. One individual clearly stood out among all those outstanding leaders………….Irving Pozmantier. I have met few people in my life who bring such a level of knowledge, understanding, commitment and innovative thinking to the table……….over the years I have revered Irving as a mentor.

Jan Passmore

My father-in-law Irving is the most wonderful man, beloved by his family and the community.  His integrity is impeccable and his knowledge of the insurance industry unparalleled.  Because Irving is not only kind and generous but also fun and smart, I highly recommend you hire him (oh, and also – his grandchildren need the inheritance).

Janet Pozmantier

I expected a logo of Irving dressed in full Armor riding a white horse.

Jay Moore

We have worked with Joe Williams at Pozmantier Williams for many years.  His diligence, professionalism and insurance knowledge not only offer value to his clients but make our jobs easier.

Jeremy N Flom, CLCS  Account Manager, Aon Private Risk Management Insurance Agency, Inc.

I have worked together with Irving and Joe to assist many clients over the past 20 years.   Irving and Joe brought a wealth of experience, expertise and practical real-world solutions to each project — they are true professionals. 

Jesse Gelsomini, Partner, Haynes and Boone, LLP

I guess I could say that someone gave us a lottery ticket for your services and we won the jackpot. We’re just really fortunate. I don’t think very many people here understand what a gift you’ve given your neighbors.

Lee Blask, General Manager, Villa d’Este

My personal experience and interaction with your abilities in the field of insurance is unsurpassed by anyone else I know in the business. Your professionalism and your knowledge of the most appropriate coverage and liability limitation was a one of a kind experience for me. Since that time I have never seen that level of experience again. Thank you for letting me gain some experience in this field that I am sure to pass on to other clients I call on.

Mark Kleinsmith, Managing Director, Saybrook Marketing Group Inc

We have proudly referred Irving Pozmantier and Joe Williams to our clients for many years.  Their depth of knowledge on all facets of risk management is literally, as good as it gets.  Our firm and our clients also appreciate the objectivity, independence, and creativity that they bring to bear on all matters assigned to them.

Milton Frankfort

We consider Pozmantier Willams to be an invaluable member of our team, whether we are buying a policy or filing a claim. Their expertise levels the playing field.

Pat McCarley, Chief Financial Officer, Cordua Restaurants

I can’t speak highly enough about the professional opinion and suggestions we received when we had Mr. Pozmantier review our insurance program.  He added to our comfort level that our insurance coverage was sufficient to cover the exposures in our business.

Philip Royalty, Texas Pipe & Supply Company

An excerpt taken from an email sent to Joe Williams dated 10-29-2012:

Joe,  You have been a blessing to Salem Ministries with all the work you have done and the generosity from you and your firm. You have been a blessing to me personally making my job easier and giving me the confidence that what has been done and will be done is best for the ministry here.  Thank you.

Paul Althoff, Director Missions and Operations, Salem Lutheran Lutheran Church

Thank you all for giving me a look at the ACE Theatrical renewal. 9 times out of 10 when I look at a competitor’s insurance program I can find holes that you can drive a truck through and normally at an outrageous price. I can assure you that not only is your insurance program in place rock solid but you have this at a fantastic price. Joe, you and your team have done a fantastic job on this.

Paul Bassman

Joe is the ultimate professional. His recommendations are solid and will cover issues you never considered – all while saving you money. He is a top 1 percenter in his business.

Pete De Leeuw