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Joe would welcome the opportunity for a no cost consultation to determine if his skill set would provide added value to your insurance and risk management team. Joe is an effective communicator, is likeable, and a person whom others have found to be objective and credible.

Joe Williams

Joe is a partner in PozmantierWilliams Insurance Consultants, LLC and has over 45 years experience as an insurance agent/broker and consultant. From 1970 until 2007 he was a principal shareholder in a large Houston firm, Wisenberg Insurance + Risk Management, and was its Chairman and CEO until the firm was sold to a subsidiary of Wells Fargo Bank. Joe has particular expertise in property coverage, business interruption, non-subscription and risk transfer techniques. He provides expert consulting on bad faith, customs and practices, and standards of care of an agent. He is experienced in agency valuation, and relations between agencies and companies. During the past several years Joe has been a media contact for radio, television and news publications as an authoritative source of information about various insurance and risk management topics.

He was one of the youngest people ever to receive the CPCU professional designation at the age of 23.

Joe has taught numerous seminars on Business Insurance at the University of Houston. He is a lecturer and seminar leader on various insurance topics.

Joe received his Bachelor of Science degree from Lamar University in 1968 and his MBA from the University of Houston in 1973.

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graduated from college (SDSU) with a business major and a minor degree in insurance, and then worked for about 7 years as an insurance agent until I started St. Ives Laboratories in 1973. In my 30 plus years in business I have never ever once worked with an insurance agent/ advisor that has the knowledge and common sense approach that Joe Williams does. He is a pro in every sense of the word and such a kind gentlemen. As far as I am concerned I will always use Pozmantier-Williams for all of my insurance advice (then I can sleep well at night knowing my insurance policies are correct and I’m properly covered). It’s nice to know that “Joe has my back”.

Gary Worth